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   What Can You Do?

Make your views known
to your friends, family, pastor and other Catholics. It is important to raise awareness that the Latin Mass is the approved liturgical tradition of our faith, not just antiquated thing of the past or something to be feared, and a beautiful treasure of the Catholic Church. replica rolex

Ask for it
from your pastor. Under Summorum Pontificum, the pastor of any parish in the Latin Rite has the right and authority to authorize the celebration of the "Extraordinary Form" at that parish. Ask your pastor to celebrate the Traditional Mass himself, or to allow some other priest to celebrate it in the parish. Make sure to offer any and all assistance that would be necessary for the addition of such a Mass to the parish schedule. replica rolex

Join our organization
and become involved. Click here to find out how. www.buywatcheswiss.com

Educate yourself
on the Mass and your Catholic Faith at SanctaMissa.org. See also our links and recommended reading for further information. Find out why the number who come to know and love the Latin Mass grows every day. rolex replika

Write to Bishop Earl Boyea
to thank him for his frequent celebrations of the Latin Mass. Let him know of your desire for more Latin Masses, according to the 1962 Missal, and respectfully urge his approval for more such Masses, and specifically a parish in Ann Arbor allowed all the traditional sacramental rites. You can also let him know of your desire on fake rolex the information cards included with the annual Diocesean Services Appeal. Our continued prayers and his hearing from those who are interested can help him to meet the very real pastoral need to provide these Masses on a regular basis in an established parish. Write to:
    Most Reverend Earl Boyea, Bishop of Lansing
    300 West Ottawa St.
    Lansing, MI 48933-1577

To clarify, Bishop Boyea need not give permission for a Latin Mass in Ann Arbor - Pope Benedict has recognized the right of every Roman Rite priest to celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass - but the bishop can certainly help advance the outreach that the Pope had in mind. For example, he could invite the Institute of Christ the King (or other priestly organization devoted to the Latin Mass) into the diocese to provide pastoral care to those who wish to participate. Over half of the bishops and dioceses in the US have now done so. This positive action would displace the need to close or consolidate parishes because of the dwindling availability of priests and bring many back to the faith.